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Up Since Dawn: Welcome!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Welcome to my slice of the world.

I love dusk, but lately, for the last year, I've become quite familiar with dawn.

My mommy brain is whispering-no, that's a lie; she doesn't whisper. It's a bit more like she relentlessly chants phrases like "you don't have the time", "you need to dust the base moldings", and my personal favorite "you can't sit down".

To be honest she can be the worst.

But, being a mom is like waking up in a circus tent, not knowing you joined. All of a sudden you're juggling and you didn't know you could. You're apparently decent at the trapeze? You knew from the start you would one-hundred-percent look like a clown most days, not like the moms who have it together. No, not like those moms who wear the color cream and stay cream all day. At some point during the day I look down and ask: What am I wearing? Where did this stain come from? How am I wet over here? Is this crusted snot?

BUT, I am learning! And my daughter is happy. So, that has to count.

Enjoy the dawn! Xx


Once I figure out how you guys can leave a comment below. I would love love love to hear from some other moms out there :)

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